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October 11, 2007

Just a quickie before the full Halo 3 review comes up: Sonic, the Blue hedgehog that used to be the archnemesis of the mustachioed plumber Mario and Nintendo itself back in the heydays of the SNES and Genesis , has finally been officially announced for Super Smash Brothers Brawl! I believe this is truly the end of the old Sega that we grew up with. It started with the demise of the Dreamcast, which was way beyond it’s time, and has finally ended up with Sonic guest starring in one of Nintendo’s flagship titles. (The Olympics game is way less remarkable then this.) Sonic hasn’t had much luck in the last few years with his games, which have mostly been poorly reviewed.

“Hey Sonic, remember when you used to be a threat to me and Mario? ”

If I were a betting man, and I definitely am, I would say that another major third-party character will probably be announced before the release date. Megaman is the most probable bet, but I would love someone like Leon Kennedy, or, ridiculous as it may seem, Cloud Strife or Master Chief. Now the last two have about a Goomba’s chance in Hell to get in, but I think it would be a great way to attract fans from other consoles. I think a Square character could just make it in, but it would probably be Sora, just because he’s the most recognizable face of Square on Nintendo in the last few years. The delay itself is killing me because it means I can’t pick it up and play it when I’m back in California, but if they need the time to perfect the online play, then I GUESS Rock Band, Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed and others will have to tide me over until then.

Phhh. Yea right.


Styleguide: The Hundreds, Tommy Hilfiger x Thierry Henry, NSBQ x Silver Union

October 11, 2007

Ok ok i just posted but i found too much cool stuff not to share it with you guys. This new season has too many promising styles so keep your wallet in check.

The Hundreds has released knitwear as a part of their Fall 2007collection. There are crewnecks and cardigans, crewnecks striped and cardigans solid. Im so down to buy a Hundreds cardigan, and i know sean is probably drooling too.

Thierry Henry and Tommy Hilfger have collaborated to yield a series of stylish trench coats. The trench coat features a portrait of Henry by the artist Nathaniel Godlberg in the lining.

and last but not least, Hong Kong firm NSBQ has collaborated with ,etalworkers Silver Union making this freakin awesome pin, featuring a hand grabbing an AK-47 set over a star. Its already been released in the Silver Union store in Hong Kong, so ill be hitting that up during winter break.

Styleguide: Lacoste Revans, Digital Gravel

October 11, 2007

So recently I’ve been getting into underground apparel, and have been hitting the Hundreds Store and the Diamond Store on Fairfax in LA. I’ve been doing some research lately and here are some finds that are pretty cool.

revan 3 hi croc

revan 3 lo croc

This is the Lacoste Revan 3 Croc. Lacose is probably one of the few brands that can get away with putting Croc in its product name and not actually having any croc skin in it. The Revan 3 Croc and Revan 3 Hi Croc are part of their Fall/Winter 2007 Stealth collection. Dibs on the brown Revan 3 Hi Crocs.



If you want to stray away from brands that are getting big (Crooks and Castles, The Hundreds) I recently came upon a label called Digital Gravel. I really like the graphics that this label offers.

Oh and I just bought this Upper Playground hoodie in celebration of completing some midterms, and also since Upper Playground just opened a shop on Telegraph in Berkeley.