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Styleguide: Goods, St. Alfred, Vans x United Arrows

November 20, 2007

Dear readers,

Now I know my movie posts have been quite the crowd-pleaser, but being a Berkeley student with a Berkeley budget, I haven’t had much silver screen exposure. However, it costs nothing to window shop and surf online, so I have compiled for you a few choice items from some urban underground brands I’ve been keeping my eyes on.

First off, I’ve recently became a huge fan of a Seattle-based brand called Goods. Goods started out in Seattle as a store that also carried an impressive in-store collection. The in-store collection was so phenomenal that it actually became a brand. Goods has moved into cut and sew with tremendous attention to detail. The Fall/Winter 07 collection has been released and includes tees, crewnecks, jackets, hoodies, and of course New Era caps. The thing I like about this brand is its detail and subtle grandeur. The thing is, their online shop on their site is down for the time being, so if anyone knows how I can get my hands on this material….well, I’m a very rich man and you can be too.

ignore the old guy

Now this other brand I’ve been looking at is St. Alfred. St. Alfred is a boutique in Chicago, and has released their Fall/Winter 07 collection as well. This collection consists of tees with eye grabbing designs. The collection is still tentative, so expect more works to come throughout the season. Check out St. Alfred in Chicago and some selected stores in Cali and NY for these.

Yves St. Laurent infringement

Ok and last, I was looking around online and came across this new collaboration between Vans and United Arrows.

Vans is a skateboard and shoe maker founded in…ok just kidding. United Arrows is a Japanese boutique and label that got together with Vans to dig up a shoe squirreled away in the archives of Vans and resurrect it with style. The two brands worked on the Vans Mountain Edition SP and gave it the gold and silver metallic treatment. The upper of the sneaker is made up in gold or silver—the gold model features a black croc skin stripe and the silver features one in white. If you’re a fan of the Half-Cab, you’ll appreciate the similarity, and the wide strap over the forefoot.




Styleguide: The Hundreds, Tommy Hilfiger x Thierry Henry, NSBQ x Silver Union

October 11, 2007

Ok ok i just posted but i found too much cool stuff not to share it with you guys. This new season has too many promising styles so keep your wallet in check.

The Hundreds has released knitwear as a part of their Fall 2007collection. There are crewnecks and cardigans, crewnecks striped and cardigans solid. Im so down to buy a Hundreds cardigan, and i know sean is probably drooling too.

Thierry Henry and Tommy Hilfger have collaborated to yield a series of stylish trench coats. The trench coat features a portrait of Henry by the artist Nathaniel Godlberg in the lining.

and last but not least, Hong Kong firm NSBQ has collaborated with ,etalworkers Silver Union making this freakin awesome pin, featuring a hand grabbing an AK-47 set over a star. Its already been released in the Silver Union store in Hong Kong, so ill be hitting that up during winter break.

Styleguide: Lacoste Revans, Digital Gravel

October 11, 2007

So recently I’ve been getting into underground apparel, and have been hitting the Hundreds Store and the Diamond Store on Fairfax in LA. I’ve been doing some research lately and here are some finds that are pretty cool.

revan 3 hi croc

revan 3 lo croc

This is the Lacoste Revan 3 Croc. Lacose is probably one of the few brands that can get away with putting Croc in its product name and not actually having any croc skin in it. The Revan 3 Croc and Revan 3 Hi Croc are part of their Fall/Winter 2007 Stealth collection. Dibs on the brown Revan 3 Hi Crocs.



If you want to stray away from brands that are getting big (Crooks and Castles, The Hundreds) I recently came upon a label called Digital Gravel. I really like the graphics that this label offers.

Oh and I just bought this Upper Playground hoodie in celebration of completing some midterms, and also since Upper Playground just opened a shop on Telegraph in Berkeley.