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Fantasy Basketbal Blog mock draft

September 18, 2007

Hey I know it’s been a long long time, but me and steve have both been moving, but we have a bunch of Freakin Awesome articles coming up! On monday I participated in a draft hosted by the Fantasy Basketball Blog, which is a great fantasy resource. It was a 12 man, no TOs, rotisserie draft. I had the 6th pick overall, and here is how my team looked like in the end:

Hibachi is awesome, both in fantasy and in reality.

6th Pick: Gilbert Arenas

19th Pick: Rashard Lewis

30th pick: Gerald Wallace

43th pick: Emeka Okafor

54th pick: Tony Parker

67th pick: Rip Hamilton

78th pick: Danny Granger

91th pick: Chris Kaman

Here’s the article I wrote for their site:

Alright I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve only played H2H, but I usually end up drafting a more roto-like team anyways. I was really happy with drafting Gilbert Arenas 6th, I think he has potential to produce in the top 3 or 4, plus he’s a PG. Rashard Lewis was a Best Player Available pick. I didn’t want to reach for Camby and Kidd was the only other player I considered. Lewis was 14th overall on Basketball Monster’s ranking without TOs and I think he’ll improve in Orlando. I knew I was lacking in the big men stats, so that’s why I picked Gerald Wallace with my 3rd rounder. Gerald gives me good hustle stats, rebounds and fg%. I don’t think J-rich will cut into too much of his production. I was blindly hoping for Al-Jeff to drop to me on the fourth, but it didn’t happen. I’m happy with Emeka Okafor though. He gives me a center that produces good big man stats, and I knew none of the other solid centers (Okur and Chandler) would probably fall to me. Two bobcats shouldn’t be a problem. 5th round is where I start to take picks I didn’t really like. I’m not a big fan of Tony Parker, but I needed assists and I picked one that would also help me in fg%. I think Pop will give Parker even more of a scoring load now with Duncan and Ginobili getting older. Rip Hamilton in the sixth is just a solid guard. Good percentages, helps me stay competitive with scoring. I was really happy to get Danny Granger with my 7th pick. I thought for sure he would be taken, as this is around where I took him last year and he made significant improvements. Granger is an all-around contributor that is my only true “upside” guy. He is still young and will improve. He helps me with 3s which none of my players except my top 2 really contribute to. My last pick is Chris Kaman. With Brand out he should rebound to at least his double-double 05-06 averages, as I also heard he has been really trying to improve his game this summer. He’s also a second center, which I needed to fill up my lineup. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my team. I don’t have really any “sexy” picks, which I tend to stay away from. My team has most of the bases covered, with at least three players helping out in each category. G-wall and Oak are a bit of an injury risk and Kaman might not revert, but I don’t think those are major concerns. If we continued to draft I would’ve looked to pick up some younger players that have showed promise.


There are a couple of players that I was looking at that haven’t been picked. Matt Barnes is a promising player who showed potential in the playoffs and will have more playing time with Jason Richardson gone. Wally should also come back from an injury year and put up solid numbers, as there aren’t many people to carry the scoring load in Seattle except for Durant. Also I was considering taking Bynum with one of my last picks. Although its been mentioned a bunch of times, he is still a very young center with a ton of upside. The Lakers seem to agree with me since they decided not to trade him away even though Kobe demanded for help this summer. I think an 11th or 12th rounder is a great time to pick up someone like Bynum, when there is a chance he makes an Al-Jefferson-like jump this year.


The Big Ticket goes east

August 3, 2007

If you think about awesome current basketball players, Kevin Garnett should definitely spring to mind. This dude has been averaging 20 and 10 for what seems like his whole 10+ year career, and was one of the first high-school players of the modern era to jump directly into the NBA. He’s won the MVP, led his team to the conference finals with an alien and a man who just wants to “feed his children” as his sidekicks, is a perennial all-star, and is one of the top 10 power forwards of all time. What makes him unique and freakin’ awesome though is his ridiculous intensity and heart. You can always see him screaming or yelling after a ferocious dunk while he mouths the words “FUCK YEA!” as the tv stations pray it wasn’t caught on audio. Apparently he also shows the same intensity in pick-up games, as I heard from someone who saw him play in LA and dunk on some random dude, that he would yell: “I’M IN THE LEAGUE BITCH!!!”. Now that’s pretty awesome.


However, everyone who follows basketball already knows most of this. What made me write this post is the news that KG has been traded to Boston for Al Jefferson, RyanGomes, Gerald Green and Theo Ratliff’s expirer contract. Why? Because blockbuster trades involving superstars in their prime are one of the most awesome parts of professional sports. These guys usually have a chip on their shoulder to show that they still are as good as they’ve always been or are starving for a championship. If we look at the last time a superstar was traded, which was the Shaq to Miami trade, we can see that it led to some interesting results: a new team wins the championship and power slightly shifts from the stacked Western Conference to the weaker Eastern Conference. I can promise you this trade will have way more impact. First off, we now have three all stars who are starving for a championship in Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett on one team. Secondly, the acquisition of KG and Ray Allen have propelled the Boston Celtics, one of the leagues most storied franchises to the top of the Eastern Conference after a decade and a half of mediocrity. And finally with the second best forward in the league and one of the best pure shooters moving from West to East, the conferences are finally starting to seem a little more balanced. Just when the NBA seemed to be at its darkest hour with the Donaghy scandal, (definitley not awesome) this blockbuster comes along and generates some positive buzz in the league. Everyone (except for Wolves fans, sorry guys.) should be pretty pumped for the next season, and even the Wolves fans should be happy that their team is finally starting to fully rebuild and not lingering in mediocrity.

KG scares little children
KG also excels at scaring little children.

* Since I’m kind of unhealthily obsessed with fantasy basketball, I have to put in my thoughts about how this changes things up for next season. The most obvious change here is that we can expect Allen, Pierce, and KG’s points to all drop as they share the load of scoring. KG and Pierce will also probably see slight dips in rebounding, but all three should see their fg% go up. Allen will probably see a slight dip in his threes, but I don’t think it will be much room for concern. I’d definitley keep my eyes on Al Jeff and Gerald Green though, they showed promise (especially Al Jeff) last year and this might be the year they explode. Sadly this looks like the end of KG’s reign as perennial solid choice for the number one pick, but he should still be taken in the first round. Pierce and Allen would still be solid late-late 2nd round or a steal in the 3rd. I’m pretty bullish on big Al, and I would seriously consider taking him late 4th.