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Top 10 Oscar Movies

February 20, 2008

So in lieu of our Top 10 movies of the season, we’ve decided to make a top 10 Oscar nominated movie list. However, I was too lazy to actually look up all the nominations so Sean and I basically compiled all our Freakin’ Awesome worthy pictures into a list. Readers, we would welcome any suggestions!

1. No Country for Old Men

2. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

3. There Will Be Blood

4. Michael Clayton

5. Juno

6. Darjaleeing Limited

7. Hot Fuzz

8. 300

9. Ratatouille

10. Lust Caution



Last man I want to see walking towards me

hmm…Leonidas vs. Anton Chigurh

Damn I love this movie


Hot Fuzz and 300 may be debatable, but we had so much fun watching them that we felt they deserved a spot on our prestigious list. This year has been marked with some badass heroes, from Leonidas, Dieder Dangler (Rescue Dawn), every single character in No Country for Old Men, especially Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem’s characters, the ultimate badass Daniel Plainview (PERFECT performance by the marvelous Daniel Day Lewis), to George Clooney as Michael Clayton. You may notice that American Gangster is not on there. Personally, I was unimpressed with the movie. I think they could’ve went deeper with Frank Lucas, instead of idolizing him. There is a darkness there that can transform a good movie into a phenomenal classic.


Top 10 Mindfuck Movies

September 19, 2007

Top 10 Mindfuck movies

1. Memento

2. Old Boy

3. Being John Malkovich

4. Session 9

5. The Machinist

6. The Usual Suspects

7. Fight Club

8. Primer

9. The Prestige


 Sean and I compiled this list of movies garaunteed to twist your mind. However, we could not decide on a 10th movie worthy of the Freakin’ Awesome Top 10 Mindfuck Movies label, so readers let us know your suggestions.


New Dark Knight Photos!

August 17, 2007

Christian Bale is awesome.

Batman is even MORE freakin’ awesome.

So photos of Batman and Joker fighting in the new movie?? YESSS!



Movie Review: Rush Hour 3

August 14, 2007

Ever since Chris Tucker mentioned “Rush Hour 3” at the end of “Rush Hour 2”, I have to admit that I have been waiting with anticipation to see what America’s favorite interracial movie couple will do next. Man, was I disappointed.

Brett Ratner opens up the third installment of the wildly successful Rush Hour franchise with standard fare—Chris Tucker singing while serving his duty as a traffic cop (punishment for some misdeed) and Jackie Chan being the professional and serious cop protecting Ambassador Han (from “Rush Hour 1”). This movie is like a Rush Hour reunion, bringing back characters and references from the rest of the Rush Hour trilogy. Even Han’s daughter Soo Yung from “Rush Hour 1” reappears, played by Jingchu Zhang. Carter’s Corvette also makes a guest appearance. The theater erupted with laughter when the movie revealed that Lee had been dating Isabella (the hot FBI agent from Rush Hour 2) and that Carter totally cockblocks him by accidentally shooting her in the neck, reducing her to a cashier at “El Poco Loco”. It was some good old random humor, but sadly the remaining tone of the movie declines to such a low level that the only fitting adjective is “random”. Or retarded.

Good ol’ Carter

The jovial music and the obvious chemistry between Chan and Tucker displayed in their familiar joking banter lured me to think initially that this may be just as good as its predecessors. The chemistry is really what carries this movie—Jeff Nathanson’s jokes are banal and hackneyed, relying on the talent of Tucker and…well, Chan’s pronunciation to bank laughs. In all honesty, Jackie Chan’s English has improved immensely in this film, and it seems as if he has lost none of his agility and reflexes, as is clearly shown in the first ten minutes of the movie. Chris Tucker hasn’t really changed his character at all; except for adding a little bit of a Chinese Zen attitude, he is still the same brash and loud unwitting LAPD cop. Though the characters haven’t seen much development, the audience still loves them. The way Chris Tucker’s face lights up when he sees beautiful women is freakin’ hilarious. Too bad that the writers made the relationship between Lee and Carter as superficially dysfunctional as the one between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in “Bad Boys II”. Nathanson even makes Carter say to Lee, “Fine, I’m not your brother *sniff*”.

Dude, I think script sucks.

“Rush Hour 3” is a must-see, if only to serve to remind the audience never to trust a film with 3 in the title. To be fair, if you loved Rush Hour 1 and 2, you should watch Rush Hour 3. It always feels good to be reunited with beloved characters, just to see that they are alive and well. It seems to me that this is a repeat of “Ocean’s 12”; the cast had a ton of fun and forgot to invite the audience. I expected some laughs going into the movie, and I got those, albeit cheap ones. Certainly not the laughs worthy of the 7 million dollar paycheck that Brett Ratner got to direct the movie, but then he didn’t write the script. And I also hear he’s dating Serena Williams, so I’ll give him a break. Go watch “Rush Hour 3” so that you won’t be left out of the loop, but don’t expect much coherence from it. The movie ends abruptly and the conflict is ultimately resolved without really requiring Carter and Lee’s services. They don’t see it that way though, as they dance off screen to Edwin Starr. Conclusion? Fast dumb gags and faster action.

P.S. Roman Polanski makes a guest appearance as a French inspector who gets “acquainted” with Lee and Carter. Yes, the Oscar winning director of “Chinatown”.

Freakin’ Awesome!! rating: 2 stars









Movie Review: Rescue Dawn

August 3, 2007

Ok, before we get started I want to let you all know how our reviews will work. We will talk about the movie itself and the performances featured, then rate the movie on our Freakin Awesome scale. Only “complete masterpeices” will be given a Freakin Awesome review of 5 stars, and so on.

Now, moving on. Last night a couple of friends and I went to see Rescue Dawn. We were pretty excited about the movie since Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 89% review. This is all well and good, but no movie is really definitively reviewed until Freakin Awesome is done with it. I went into the theater expecting some badass freaking awesome action, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

This movie is about badass Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale), a fighter pilot who crashes in Laos while on a secret bombing mission during the Vietnam War. Ditching his radio and his pistol, Dengler attempts to brave the jungle and elude capture while waiting for a rescue helicopter. However, as thug as Dengler is, he is captured and taken to a camp to face starvation and torture. The reason this film is so intense is because it is a tale about survival of the mind. Dengler and his fellow inmates struggle to stay alive as well as sane. The chilling effects of starvation and exhaustion upon the psyche is masterfully demonstrated by Bale and Steven Zahn, who plays Duane, a fellow inmate and Dengler’s newfound best friend. The actors’ dedication to this film is also appreciated by the audience. Bale visibly drops from a healthy 190-200 to a sickening Machinist-like weight. However, his dedication greatly contributes to the overall badassness of his character. Bale is so good in this that I’ll gladly overlook the fact that he did “The New World” and put him on my list of favorite actors.

After the weightloss
After the weightloss

Of course, being the gangster he is, Dengler takes about five minutes to decide to escape. He hatches a daring escape plan with his fellow inmates, and ends up having to survive for months in the jungle. However, I’m unwilling to reveal anymore about his audacity. Suffice it to say that the movie is Freakin’ Awesome!! from the beginning to the end.


Freakin’ Awesome!! rating: 4 stars