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Triumphant Return…COMING SOON

February 1, 2008

Readers, I know that this site has been stagnant for a few weeks, and I apologize. I just moved into my new apartment at school and dealing with my fraternity’s rush and Sean is busy applying for a job in London. However, do not worry, Freakin’ Awesome will be back in full force in a few days, with some awesome posts about the last year in movies, as well as some new music reviews! Keep reading!


GTA IV delayed: good news?

August 5, 2007

So if you haven’t heard GTA IV, which is Grand Theft Auto IV to that one guy who has been living under a rock, has been delayed till the second quarter of fiscal year 2008. Now usually such news would be really unawesome, but with the lineup of releases coming out this year, this news is actually not bad, because believe me no matter your taste in games your wallet will be begging for mercy by the time christmas comes around. Lets take a look at what’s awesome and coming up soon:


My First Time (posting.)

August 3, 2007

Hey all you denizens of the internet, I’m Sean, the sexier and smarter of us two “S”s. Steve and I have similar interests (awesome stuff obviously) but we differ in that I obsess over video games and basketball while he slobbers over cars more. But I’m sure you’ll all find something you enjoy reading about here. So enough with the bullshit, and on with the awesome!

Our First Freakin Awesome!! Post

July 18, 2007

Hey everyone! This is a blog designed by me, Stephen, and my friend Sean. This blog is meant to give our view on everything awesome. Recent and past movies, books, games, cars etc. will be covered. Easily quotable phrases will be implemented so you, the average reader, can quote our blog and sound like an enviable connossieur. Read on to learn the lifestyle of the enlightened.