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Just a quickie before the full Halo 3 review comes up: Sonic, the Blue hedgehog that used to be the archnemesis of the mustachioed plumber Mario and Nintendo itself back in the heydays of the SNES and Genesis , has finally been officially announced for Super Smash Brothers Brawl! I believe this is truly the end of the old Sega that we grew up with. It started with the demise of the Dreamcast, which was way beyond it’s time, and has finally ended up with Sonic guest starring in one of Nintendo’s flagship titles. (The Olympics game is way less remarkable then this.) Sonic hasn’t had much luck in the last few years with his games, which have mostly been poorly reviewed.

“Hey Sonic, remember when you used to be a threat to me and Mario? ”

If I were a betting man, and I definitely am, I would say that another major third-party character will probably be announced before the release date. Megaman is the most probable bet, but I would love someone like Leon Kennedy, or, ridiculous as it may seem, Cloud Strife or Master Chief. Now the last two have about a Goomba’s chance in Hell to get in, but I think it would be a great way to attract fans from other consoles. I think a Square character could just make it in, but it would probably be Sora, just because he’s the most recognizable face of Square on Nintendo in the last few years. The delay itself is killing me because it means I can’t pick it up and play it when I’m back in California, but if they need the time to perfect the online play, then I GUESS Rock Band, Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed and others will have to tide me over until then.

Phhh. Yea right.


Styleguide: The Hundreds, Tommy Hilfiger x Thierry Henry, NSBQ x Silver Union

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Ok ok i just posted but i found too much cool stuff not to share it with you guys. This new season has too many promising styles so keep your wallet in check.

The Hundreds has released knitwear as a part of their Fall 2007collection. There are crewnecks and cardigans, crewnecks striped and cardigans solid. Im so down to buy a Hundreds cardigan, and i know sean is probably drooling too.

Thierry Henry and Tommy Hilfger have collaborated to yield a series of stylish trench coats. The trench coat features a portrait of Henry by the artist Nathaniel Godlberg in the lining.

and last but not least, Hong Kong firm NSBQ has collaborated with ,etalworkers Silver Union making this freakin awesome pin, featuring a hand grabbing an AK-47 set over a star. Its already been released in the Silver Union store in Hong Kong, so ill be hitting that up during winter break.

Styleguide: Lacoste Revans, Digital Gravel

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So recently I’ve been getting into underground apparel, and have been hitting the Hundreds Store and the Diamond Store on Fairfax in LA. I’ve been doing some research lately and here are some finds that are pretty cool.

revan 3 hi croc

revan 3 lo croc

This is the Lacoste Revan 3 Croc. Lacose is probably one of the few brands that can get away with putting Croc in its product name and not actually having any croc skin in it. The Revan 3 Croc and Revan 3 Hi Croc are part of their Fall/Winter 2007 Stealth collection. Dibs on the brown Revan 3 Hi Crocs.



If you want to stray away from brands that are getting big (Crooks and Castles, The Hundreds) I recently came upon a label called Digital Gravel. I really like the graphics that this label offers.

Oh and I just bought this Upper Playground hoodie in celebration of completing some midterms, and also since Upper Playground just opened a shop on Telegraph in Berkeley.







Top 10 Mindfuck Movies

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Top 10 Mindfuck movies

1. Memento

2. Old Boy

3. Being John Malkovich

4. Session 9

5. The Machinist

6. The Usual Suspects

7. Fight Club

8. Primer

9. The Prestige


 Sean and I compiled this list of movies garaunteed to twist your mind. However, we could not decide on a 10th movie worthy of the Freakin’ Awesome Top 10 Mindfuck Movies label, so readers let us know your suggestions.


Fantasy Basketbal Blog mock draft

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Hey I know it’s been a long long time, but me and steve have both been moving, but we have a bunch of Freakin Awesome articles coming up! On monday I participated in a draft hosted by the Fantasy Basketball Blog, which is a great fantasy resource. It was a 12 man, no TOs, rotisserie draft. I had the 6th pick overall, and here is how my team looked like in the end:

Hibachi is awesome, both in fantasy and in reality.

6th Pick: Gilbert Arenas

19th Pick: Rashard Lewis

30th pick: Gerald Wallace

43th pick: Emeka Okafor

54th pick: Tony Parker

67th pick: Rip Hamilton

78th pick: Danny Granger

91th pick: Chris Kaman

Here’s the article I wrote for their site:

Alright I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve only played H2H, but I usually end up drafting a more roto-like team anyways. I was really happy with drafting Gilbert Arenas 6th, I think he has potential to produce in the top 3 or 4, plus he’s a PG. Rashard Lewis was a Best Player Available pick. I didn’t want to reach for Camby and Kidd was the only other player I considered. Lewis was 14th overall on Basketball Monster’s ranking without TOs and I think he’ll improve in Orlando. I knew I was lacking in the big men stats, so that’s why I picked Gerald Wallace with my 3rd rounder. Gerald gives me good hustle stats, rebounds and fg%. I don’t think J-rich will cut into too much of his production. I was blindly hoping for Al-Jeff to drop to me on the fourth, but it didn’t happen. I’m happy with Emeka Okafor though. He gives me a center that produces good big man stats, and I knew none of the other solid centers (Okur and Chandler) would probably fall to me. Two bobcats shouldn’t be a problem. 5th round is where I start to take picks I didn’t really like. I’m not a big fan of Tony Parker, but I needed assists and I picked one that would also help me in fg%. I think Pop will give Parker even more of a scoring load now with Duncan and Ginobili getting older. Rip Hamilton in the sixth is just a solid guard. Good percentages, helps me stay competitive with scoring. I was really happy to get Danny Granger with my 7th pick. I thought for sure he would be taken, as this is around where I took him last year and he made significant improvements. Granger is an all-around contributor that is my only true “upside” guy. He is still young and will improve. He helps me with 3s which none of my players except my top 2 really contribute to. My last pick is Chris Kaman. With Brand out he should rebound to at least his double-double 05-06 averages, as I also heard he has been really trying to improve his game this summer. He’s also a second center, which I needed to fill up my lineup. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my team. I don’t have really any “sexy” picks, which I tend to stay away from. My team has most of the bases covered, with at least three players helping out in each category. G-wall and Oak are a bit of an injury risk and Kaman might not revert, but I don’t think those are major concerns. If we continued to draft I would’ve looked to pick up some younger players that have showed promise.


There are a couple of players that I was looking at that haven’t been picked. Matt Barnes is a promising player who showed potential in the playoffs and will have more playing time with Jason Richardson gone. Wally should also come back from an injury year and put up solid numbers, as there aren’t many people to carry the scoring load in Seattle except for Durant. Also I was considering taking Bynum with one of my last picks. Although its been mentioned a bunch of times, he is still a very young center with a ton of upside. The Lakers seem to agree with me since they decided not to trade him away even though Kobe demanded for help this summer. I think an 11th or 12th rounder is a great time to pick up someone like Bynum, when there is a chance he makes an Al-Jefferson-like jump this year.

Epicurean Review: Chez Panisse

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Ask any Bay Area foodie for a restaurant recommendation, and Chez Panisse will be invariably at the top of the list. A Berkeley student myself, I’ve found that Chez Panisse is coveted by all but enjoyed by only a few. I had made a reservation in preparation for my family’s road trip up to Berkeley, but as expected a table was not available (reservations are made up to a month in advance). So when the call came informing me that a cancellation had been made, I jumped at the chance to dine at the birthplace of California cuisine.


French cuisine is my favorite kind of food, but Chez Panisse does not offer standard French fare. Alice Waters, the founder and visionary, pledged to make her restaurant the type where chefs visited local markets daily and came up with dishes on the spot, using only the freshest ingredients possible. Water’s vision, la cuisine du marche, or market cooking, emphasizes improvisation and experimentation, a far cry from the usual Parisian restaurants I’m used to dining in. Never in Chez Panisse will you find duck l’orange or foie gras with chocolate sauce. The menu is never predictable here; there is a different prix fixe menu nightly, ranging from $55 to $65 per person.


An open kitchen where curious diners are welcome


When I dined at Chez Panisse, the restaurant featured an all seafood menu, which is only offered once or twice a month. The menu is as follows: 1) Sardine toast with heirloom tomatoes and pickled onions 2) Local king salmon a la nage with green coriander 3) Yellowfin tuna a la moutarde with green beans and black eyed peas 4) Middleton Gardens raspberry soufflé. Now, I know what you are thinking…sardine toast? However, I found that to be the best course all night. The tomatoes were unbelievably sweet and the sardines were warm and had a perfectly balanced fattiness, with the pickled onions offering a fine bite of tartness. The sauce was amazing as well: an aioli sauce of eggs, olive oil, garlic, and lemon, making the perfect garnish to the appetizer. The next dish was a little disappointing. The salmon was amazingly fresh and braised so well that it required only the slightest of chewing to dissolve. The coriander broth was made well, offering a little spicy kick, but I felt that the dish was a bit bland. The yellowfin tuna was a fitting main dish. Perfectly seared on the outside, the tuna steak was nice and juicy. The sauce was a bit light for such a heavy fish, but the organic arugula and beans were a delicious side. The dish was rich but light at the same time—a very satisfying course. We had ordered a 2005 Prager Riesling, which was dry but complimented the food well, especially the appetizer and the main course. Dessert arrived with well-deserved anticipation. The soufflé was absolutely delicious, literally melting in your mouth. The vanilla bean sauce was extremely tasty as well, and I ended up ladling spoonfuls of it into my mouth when my soufflé had disappeared. The only problem with dessert was that the portions were not large enough.


I was very satisfied with my experience at Chez Panisse, but I had been hoping for a menu that featured some meat instead. Nevertheless, the chef did an amazing job with the seafood. The flavors were lighter than I had expected, but the materials were so fresh and the choice of dishes so unique that I would not hesitate to dine here again. For those who are looking for a more casual dining experience or are unable to make a reservation in time, try the café upstairs, which offers a more informal a la carte menu and does not accept reservations. I’ve dined there before, and it’s the perfect place to grab a late dinner with some friends. With a one star Michelin rating, Chez Panisse is a must-go restaurant anytime you are in the Bay Area. I plan to go again soon, but it won’t be soon enough.

Freakin’ Awesome!! rating: 4 stars


New Dark Knight Photos!

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Christian Bale is awesome.

Batman is even MORE freakin’ awesome.

So photos of Batman and Joker fighting in the new movie?? YESSS!